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Sinus Graft

Procedure for a back tooth when there is no bone !

posterior-toothTeeth at the back of the mouth have their roots pointing towards an air space in the upper jaw called the maxillary sinus. When posterior teeth are removed, the bone below this sinus becomes thinner and dissolves. This is because the mere presence of teeth stimulates the bone and maintains the bone bulk. If you have a posterior tooth extraction and leave this bone unrestored for a long time, a process known as “disuse atrophy” occurs. This means that the bone thins because of lack of use. This lack of bone causes a problem when you come to place a dental implant. It becomes necessary to do a procedure known as a sinus graft to be able to place dental implants. In this procedure, the base of the sinus has to be carefully lifted in a delicate procedure before placing the dental implant. The amount of sinus graft material needed depends on the number of dental implants placed, and the amount of native (ungrafted) bone present before the procedure is commenced. In some cases, much bone is needed, and a sinus graft has to be placed 1 year before dental implant placement. In very select cases can a sinus graft be placed at the same time as an implant placement, and this reduces the overall healing time when this is possible.

Sinus Graft


If you have been told you have insufficient bone for dental implants, do not despair. At Antwerp Implant Dentistry we use the most up to date techniques for growing bone to ensure you that dental implants can be placed successfully.

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