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Technology Partners

For successful implant therapy, it is very important to have the laboratory support to provide outstanding results. We have several laboratory partners and work with the best implant systems in the world.

astra-ezAstra Tech Dental Implants

ASTRA are a tried and tested swiss implant manufacturer with a worldwide reputation, and noted to be an implant with some of the industry’s best success rate and minimal bone loss in a healthy mouth. ASTRA have their own guided surgery system known as Facilitate.



Nobel were the market leader in dental implantology, and they have pioneered the initial technology. Raj uses Nobel implants for Nobelguide guided surgery and the Teeth-In-A-Day concept with All-On-Four,


This is an American implant company with a robust science base to them

Rubelling & Klar

Our German laboratory partner has specialised in a technique known as spark erosion which according to our research is one of the most accurate methods to achieve outstandingly well fitting implant restorations. What this means for you, our client is that all dental work feels incredibly natural and real, which can also be easily cleaned for excellent maintenance and long term stability. This is important to prevent implant loss from implant infections. The superb fit reduces the stress on the implants and these are less likely to suffer complications such as bone loss. All in all, an excellent fit, excellent appearance, excellent cleaning and health, for life.

Spark erosion is an electrolytic process to make precision dental work

Spark erosion is an electrolytic process to make precision dental work

All the arrows show the seamless joint between the implant and the bridge

All the arrows show the seamless joint between the implant and the bridge


Dental implant therapy needs to be carried out carefully with a thorough knowledge of structures in the jaws which can suffer damage when placing implants. Simplant is a very accurate surgery navigation tool which we use routinely to limit the chances of poor outcomes. appropriate navigation tools. Using a CT scan of the jaws we can plan surgery virtually, on a computer, with sub -millimetre accuracy. This surgery can then be transferred into the mouth by a carefully made guide which is constructed my mapping CT scan data to a 3 D printer in a process known as rapid prototyping or 3D printing. For an understanding in how Simplant can be integrated into your dental implant care, please watch the following video.


Image Diagnostic Technology (IDT)

When carrying out an X ray scan, this “raw” data needs to be converted into a form that is readable for surgery navigation software. IDT are a nationally renowned image specialist firm which converts raw image data to be readable by the Simplant Software platform. They are one of the laboratory partners that are used in any complex implant procedures

The CGI (Computer Guided Imaging) Group

CGI implants are another partner organisation who work with the Simplant Software platform to help us plan out more complex cases