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Particulate Bone Grafting

Localised bone graft for 1-3 implants

1-3implantsFor many simple implant procedures there is a shortage of bone around the implant site. When placing a dental implants, surgeons have to place particulate bone either before implant therapy or at the same time of placing the implant.

This procedure typically uses particulate bone which is either synthetic, or xenograft (cow derived). The bone particles are purchased as a powder, and this is sprinkled onto the bone site as you see in the picture on the left. To prevent the particles from redistributing, a membrane is placed over the particles. Once again, this membrane can be synthetic or a xenograft (this time derived from the skin of a pig – porcine dermis). All the grafting products that Antwerp Implant Dentistry clinicians use have a proven safety record for decades, and have on many occasions been proven to the best products for bone grafting.

After this procedure is complete, there is typically a healing period of 4 months before the site is re-entered. As mentioned above, with larger bone deficits,  a particulate graft is placed before dental implant therapy to “plump” the bone site.  When the bone loss is minor, it may be possible to place the necessary implant and the bone graft at the same time, and this saves healing time. The larger the bone graft site, and the greater the compromise in initial bone volume, the greater the need to perform a separate bone grafting procedure several months ahead of placing dental implants.

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